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  Barber 1500 Course 


Barbering has become one of the “hottest” professions! Our Barber 1500 course is designed to prepare our students for a rewarding, creative career with many options. S&S College Of Hair uses the latest edition of Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering text and Student Workbook published by Thomson Delmar Learning. Students will be prepared to pass the state examination given by The Mississippi State Board of Barbering Examiners. The entry level skills and knowledge obtained from S&S College Of Hair will enable you to become successful in the modern as well as the traditional barber shop.



15/18 months of continuous training is required which will consist of a maximum of 26/24.5 hrs/week. There shall be a minimum total accumulation of 1500 (clock) hours.

Course of Study

  • Academic and Demonstration

  • Shampooing and Draping

  • Scalp and Hair Treatments

  • Hairshaping

  • Shaving, Beard and Mustache Trim

  • Manicure

  • Facial Massage

  • Hair Setting/Comb-out

  • Blowdry-Curling Iron

  • Permanent Waving and Chemical Hair Relaxer

  • Hair Coloring

  • Hair Pieces

  • Sanitation and Sterilization

  • Eyebrow Waxing and Arching

Graduation Requirements

Students must compete the 1500 hours as designated by the Mississippi State Board of Barber Examiners, complete all assigned credits, all assigned projects, passed all test with an 85 average and passes pre-state examination.

State Examination

Students must pay a licensing & examination fee of $100.00 in the form of money order. The money order or bank draft should be made payable to the Mississippi State Board of Barbering. The state examination consists of practical skills and 2 written academic examinations, a state law test and a National Barbering academic examination.

Admissions Requirements

  • Above the age of compulsory school attendance (16 years) in Mississippi.

  • Must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

  • Must have Photo ID.

  • Must read, write, and speak English.

Training Methodology

  • Lectures & demos by industry experts.

  • Projects driven by hands-on approach.

  • Focus on latest technologies, tools & industry practices.

  • Projects, assignments & quizzes for student's evaluation.

Duration & Frequency

  • 12 mo: day course; 18 mo: night course

  • 30 hr/week: day course; 21 hr/week: night course

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